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Level 2 Cyber Security Analyst

Sydney | Full Time
Listed: 2019-11-06
Level 2 Cyber Security Analyst

About the role:
Reporting into the L3 Cyber Analyst and management, you will be given the chance to Make recommendations to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency within SOC as well as Support development, review and tuning of IoC detection strategies.

Your position will involve mentoring L1 analysts and assisting L3 analysts with the implementation of counter-measures or mitigating controls.
In this role you will:
    • Monitor and analyse alerts escalated from L1 team
    • Ensure timely accurate communications of alerts to internal and external teams regarding intrusions and compromises to On-boarded Entity network infrastructure, applications and operating systems
    • Actively conduct Threat Hunting based on Threat Intelligence
    • Collect and analyse different sources of information from Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Anomaly Detection Systems (ADS), Firewall event logs, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) toolset event logs, Systems logs, to identify security attacks and threats.
    • Assist in Incident Response activities for large organizations; work with other security analysts (internal and external) to identify various malicious threats in the monitored environments.
    • Review attack information from other analysts in preparation for release to or onward review.
    • Identify potential, successful, and unsuccessful intrusion attempts and compromises
You will need:
    • Leadership experience in either government or private sector organizations having operational expertise in day to day SOC and wider cyber security areas
    • Ability to execute a complex task as a lone resource
    • Experience leading an ICT-related team effectively as a mid-level manager
    • The ability to identify and defend against malicious cyber activity on multiple diverse networks using both network and host-based cyber data
    • Knowledge of commercial technologies being used, such as systems from EndGame, CarbonBlack, Palantir, FireEye and RSA
    • Hands-on work experience in a national-level SOC environment