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Data Engineer

Sydney | Full Time
Listed: 2021-09-29
A Large organisation known for its innovative technologies and future-shaping research, with a big focus on advancing our interconnected world with frontier technology. We develop solutions to generic data problems via our big data support centre, offering high-impact opportunities for the organisation and our collaborative partners.
We are looking for an enthusiastic Data Engineer to lead the data work for the project lifecycle and is responsible for establishing and optimising the data and analytics architecture. The role will require delivering enhanced data flows to provide integrated data-driven solutions for informed decision-making.
  • Develop, test, and maintain data and analytics architecture, including databases and large-scale processing systems, for optimal extraction, transformation and upload of data from multiple sources and different technologies.
  • Validate, write and test ETL processes within Python, Apache Airflow, and Alteryx.
  • Reverse and forward Engineer data assets, for migration to AWS
  • Transform, collate, process, and model raw data from multiple sources, and produce data-driven solutions.
  • Demonstrate and introduce innovative data-driven technology for the organisation, and make recommendations to improve data quality and efficiency. 
  • 2 years + Experience within Data Engineering roles
  • Knowledge of Business Information tools such as Tableau, Apache Superset or Power BI and strong understanding of BI data structures.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining data pipelines and data models.
  • Experience in SQL, Python, Apache Airflow, ETL and integration.