6 Tech Podcasts You Should Listen To Today

Tech Podcasts

Technology is widely recognised as the fastest-moving industry in business, so it comes as no surprise that IT professionals can be hard pressed to keep up with the many changes and innovations transforming the sector.

Listening to Tech podcasts is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in this field. There is a wide range of informative, engaging and easy-to-listen-to pods being produced both within Australia and overseas, which will prove invaluable in navigating the continuously evolving IT job landscape.

Take a look at our list of the best Tech podcasts that you need to start listening to today.

Future Tense

What it’s about: Produced by Australia’s ABC Radio National, this podcast presents exciting, fresh ideas to help its listeners predict what the future holds. Analysing social, cultural and economic changes resulting from the technological developments transforming our society, Future Tense host Antony Funnel covers everything from robots in education to internet freedom, to humans’ evolving attitudes towards noise, and more.

Perfect for: All kinds of IT professionals, but particularly those in Business Intelligence and Digital roles.

IT Visionaries

What it’s about: Each podcast from IT visionaries offers incredible insights, stories and trends that are taking off in the IT world. The minds behind IT Visionaries have a clear purpose to discover the technological future at the frontiers of every industry.

Who’s in it: Listeners are offered insight through interviews with Fortune 500 CEOs and founders of venture-backed Tech start-ups, whilst the hosts break down their findings in a way that’s easy to comprehend as well as implement in practice.

Perfect for: Anyone in the Tech realm, particularly people in leadership positions.

TED Talks Technology

What it’s about: This podcast from TED gathers the world’s brightest Tech innovators and researchers to share their visions, breakthroughs and personal stories on big topics such as artificial intelligence, compassion and robots, and genetic engineering, with audiences all over the world.

Perfect for: People at all levels of the Tech landscape will find this to be a good Tech podcast for understanding today’s marketplace.

The Future of Everything

What it’s about: This podcast brings fascinating insights into how tech and science intersect, with in-depth discussions on how they are not only revolutionising the way we work but the way we live our lives.

Who’s in it: Host Jennifer Strong travels far and wide meeting with captivating luminaries who are reshaping the way we approach our future.

Perfect for: Professionals whose roles involve science paired with technology, such as integrations engineering.

Aussie Tech Heads

What it’s about: If you’re looking for consistent, daily commentary on the most current happenings in Technology, this is it. Hailing from right here in Australia and published twice daily, Aussie Tech Heads covers everything from robotaxis to drones, to BitLocker in a weekly wrap up of Tech news, interspersed with interesting (and at times alternative) viewpoints.

Perfect for: Technical or Digital Business Analysts looking for some inspiration or simply a new perspective on the latest Tech trends.

The Vergecast

What it’s about: Hosted by technology aficionados Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn, the Vergecast is an outstanding source for reliable news in today’s Tech landscape. This podcast offers not only enthralling insights into the latest technology and gadgets, but an array of unapologetically frank opinions on current trends and developments.

Perfect for: Anyone from Automation Specialists to Software Developers.


If you’re a Tech professional searching for an engaging way to stay ahead of the pack, there is bound to be something for you in our list of good Tech podcasts. With these pods at your fingertips, you’ll have access to constant sources of insight and information from some of the foremost thinkers in the industry.

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