Doing it for the kids…

sleep under the stars

Last Friday the 4 directors of Sustainability, assisted by their construction project manager Mick Athey (Ben’s dad)  slept “rough” under the stars  as part of the #sshsleepout to raise awareness and funds for a fantastic small local charity that we support. Stepping Stone House do an amazing job with limited funding to help local kids that come from all sorts of disadvantaged backgrounds, some of them with very harrowing tales that us privileged folks cannot even fathom. Excellent work to Jason Juretic, Stepping Stone House CEO for an amazingly organised event.

We have managed to raise over $3200 so far to help SSH to within touching distance of their overall target of $170,000.  Please help us get them over the line by clicking on this link for more info on them and how to donate if you can.