Employee Spotlight: Kerrie Cassie

For this month’s Employee Spotlight we spoke to our talented Head of Finance, Kerrie. 

“It was fantastic to recently celebrate Kerrie Cassie’s five year anniversary with the group.  To call her a legend would be a huge understatement. Kerrie joined SustainAbility Consulting when there were four of us in the business and has been pivotal in supporting our growth to 50 staff, across four brands. She is a true business partner for all of the directors, an absolute rock for her team and the go-to person in the office for all things finance and HR. 

Thanks Kez, we couldn’t do it without neither would we want to!”

– Martin O’Donnell, Co-Founder and Director at SustainAbility


Meet Kerrie, and get to know her through this month’s Employee Spotlight:

You’re happiest when? 

I can support the Directors in making critical business decisions

What’s your favourite quote or personal philosophy? 

Always double check your work and don’t rush tasks.

Where’s your favourite place in the world? 

Maldives – beautiful clear waters and sunsets in the middle of nowhere. The simple life.

What surprised you most about working in recruitment? 

How dynamic it has to be and fast-paced in order to get the best people in the right job.

What has been your biggest achievement/success here? 

Going from just me as the only Finance person to building a strong and confident team. I love to grow and develop my team.

What door has SustainAbility opened for you that you didn’t expect? 

Moving from a task orientated role to a leader and trainer role. Helping my staff to develop their careers.

What is your fondest memory with SustainAbility? 

Travelling to Queenstown with the team and dining at the Botswana Butchery (my most favourite restaurant), it was a fantastic experience.

What personal attributes have you gained throughout your time at SC? 

To be more optimistic and positive when things are not looking too rosy. Bad situations normally turn around quickly and not to dwell on the past.

 If you could go back to your first day, what’s one piece of advice you would give yourself? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I don’t like making mistakes, so when I do make them, I’m really hard on myself.

Three things your most grateful for from your Directors? 

They are my biggest support crew, who lift me up when I’m feeling down and help me be a better leader. They are always cheery and upbeat which makes me happy to be at work. They trust and value my opinions and decisions which I am so grateful for.