First Ansible Meetup for the year!

ansible-thumbnailThe very first Ansible Meetup for Sydney is happening on the 7th of February – it’s sure to be a big one!

We’ve got 2 awesome speakers coming in to show us plenty more Ansible goodness at the LinkedIn offices:

Anth Courtney Testing Ansible

A helicopter ride over the Ansible testing landscape. There will be some low-flying over strategies which are provided ‘out of the box’, as well as some sorties into integration with complimentary third-party tools.

In aviation, every takeoff is optional, every landing is mandatory. In ansible, if playbooks are takeoffs, testing should be your landings.


Igor Simunovic – Ansible, GoCD & Docker

Machine building Machines

Using Ansible & GoCD & Docker to create (and manage) private cloud environments and automated deployment pipelines.


Come say hello to all the techies, as well as Riley our Cloud and DevOps Consultant 🙂

Here’s the link to the Meetup page –