My first three months in recruitment

Where were you before recruitment?

Prior to recruitment I always worked in sales. I started working in telecommunications and then took a break to travel. When I came back, I chose to work in the travel industry to mix my passion for travel and sales. I found that working in a commissions-based role really pushed me to be the best I could be and develop my sales skills. I loved what I was selling, so it was a really great environment to improve my skills.

Why did you choose a role in recruitment?

I grew up with parents in the industry, so I was always familiar with what recruitment was and how rewarding it could be. I started working as a receptionist in a recruitment company and was exposed to the recruitment process. I found the nature of the role really interesting. The high-performing, fast-paced environment encouraged me to move into a junior recruitment role.

What have you learnt in your first three months?

I’ve definitely learnt perseverance. Recruitment is an industry where you get knocked down more often than not. You have to learn to persevere, see missed opportunities as a lesson and stay motivated to succeed.

Why did you choose SustainAbility Consulting?

I chose SustainAbility Consulting because I could tell that it was a company that I would really thrive in. The interview process made it really apparent that they had such a strong working culture and positive team environment. I knew I would be supported to become a successful consultant.

How have you found your first three months?

I’m loving it. It’s hard work, but between the incentives, commissions and other rewards you always get back what you put in. The team has been so welcoming, there are even more perks than I realised and our quarterly incentives are a heap of fun. I’ve just come back from a weekend with my team on houseboats at the Hawkesbury River.

Looking back, I’m really proud of how I’ve been able to dive straight in and pick up so much in just three months. Coming into an industry that was definitely affected by the pandemic was difficult. Candidates now have a very different view of the market and what their next role looks like. I didn’t expect to make two placements in my first two months, it was a really good feeling and motivated me to do more.

What has been the best experience you have had with us so far?

I think the best part for me would have to be working with colleagues who have already become really great friends. Coming into a team that is so supportive has been really great. Everyone is available to guide each other, works hard to reach their personal and team goals and has fun too. The quarterly getaways are so much fun too!

What attributes do you think make you a good recruiter?

People skills would have to be my strongest skills. I’m able to sit down with almost anyone and have a fluid conversation, which really helps.

How did the expectations we set differ from reality?

I knew it would be a good work culture from the interviews, but I didn’t realise it would be as good as it is. It’s not until you’re actually here and part of the team that you feel like part of such a tight-knit family. In what can be a really tough industry, it’s especially important to me to be able to get that support.

What would you tell someone considering a role in recruitment?

I think you definitely need to know what you’re signing up for, it’s not for the faint-hearted but it is extremely rewarding if you want to work for it.