How to Write A Tech Resume

Writing a Tech Resume for 2019

When it comes to landing a new IT job for 2019, having a freshly-polished resume is the best way to get you off to a good start and stand out from the crowd. To help out, here are a few of our best tips for writing an IT resume.

Steer Clear of Cliché

Authenticity is a key element when it comes to what your Tech resume should look like. Avoid overused phrases such as “hard-working team player” or “self-motivated and efficient professional.” They may sound impressive, but these phrases communicate little about your real strengths or what sets you apart.

When writing an IT resume, try to avoid using clichés or vague phrases and be specific about skills, strengths and achievements, along with proven results. Additionally, avoid using too much tech jargon or terminology which could overwhelm the reader. Using real world examples and quantifiable outcomes will enable an employer to relate to you better and give them a tangible way to understand your skill set. For instance, describing how you “managed a major network installation, including infrastructure set up, and successfully reduced downtime by 80%” helps to clearly illustrate your abilities, as well as the impact you have had in past roles.

Share Your Love of Tech

Whilst technical skills will always be essential for jobs in the IT industry, a good resume should highlight more than just your savvy – demonstrating your passion for your chosen field will go a long way in the eyes of a potential employer. If technology is part of your everyday life, find a way to showcase this in your resume – this could be as simple as a personal project or being involved in regular tech meet ups. Highlighting the relevant activities you take part in outside of work is a good way to illustrate your enthusiasm for the tech community and demonstrate that you are interested in further developing your skills.

Tailor to the Role

Ensure that each resume you send out covers what the employer or recruitment consultant is asking for in the job ad – think of it as the “answer” to the employer’s “problem”.

When tailoring your CV to a specific role, refer to the job description as a guide for what the employer wants in the ideal employee. Look for keywords that can be used in your resume and highlight some of the following:

  • Skills – Describe how they are applied in your day-to-day work
  • Projects – Give detailed examples and levels of involvement
  • IT knowledge – This is absolutely vital in such a fast-moving industry, so show that you’ve kept up your knowledge
  • Soft skills – There’s more to IT than technology, so to be a top candidate, list relevant “soft skills” such as leadership and communication abilities. Show that you are able to bridge the gap between IT and business
  • Achievements – List these strategically in order to prove that you have the right skills for the job

Get Back to Basics

Regardless of how resumes have evolved over time, the basic principles of how to write an IT resume have stayed the same. It shouldn’t be a complex, hard to read document, so keep it simple and concise by sticking to two or three pages. Your resume speaks volumes about who you are, not only by the information provided, but also about it is presented. This is why it’s important to use an easy-to-read structure, with clear headings and bullet points where appropriate.

Similarly, it goes without saying but take the time to spell check and proof read – it may also a good idea to ask a trusted colleague or friend to look over your resume. Lastly, be sure to regularly update your resume (especially if you have been in the same role for a while) with any new roles, promotions, responsibilities or interesting projects that you are working on.


The resume is the ultimate first impression when it comes to job hunting, so it’s important to get it right. By following our tips for writing an IT resume, you can ensure your start your job search off on the right foot.

If you would like more information on how to write a Tech resume or are looking for support in your Sydney IT job search, get in touch with the team at SustainAbility – we would love to help with all your Tech career needs!