The Importance of Interview Feedback

Importance of Interview Feedback

The benefits of interview feedback for candidates are obvious: if the feedback is specific and constructive the candidate will be in a strong position to improve as their search continues. There are, however, numerous benefits to providing interview feedback for employers too – yet it is surprising how many employers are still apprehensive about the task. If you’re likely to be interviewing in the future, here are a few key reasons why you should be providing feedback to candidates.

Building Your Talent Pipeline

A job search can be a stressful time for job seekers. By providing a positive candidate experience, it means that one, they will be more likely to apply for alternative positions down the line and two, they won’t hesitate to recommend your company to other potential candidates in their networks – thus helping to build your company’s talent pipeline. Some candidates might be fantastic but lacking in certain skills or experience. However, given a couple more years, they might just be the perfect fit, so you don’t want to deter candidates from applying for other suitable roles further down the line.

Deciding between multiple candidates that have been neck and neck at each stage of the process also poses challenges of its own, but by keeping the relationship ticking over, the chances are, they’ll be open to hearing from you again.

Employer Brand

Having a strong employer brand is one of the most effective ways to attract top candidates. Whether successful or not, candidates will hold an employer in high regard if they believe they have been treated with fairness and respect throughout the recruitment process.

It’s also worth noting that applicants who do not hear anything from employers, will likely be put off from applying for roles with the company in the future or worse, shout about their experience on social media! This sort of attention in a public forum can have a negative impact on your employer brand, dissuading others from considering your business as a future employer.

It Goes Both Ways

Always remember that feedback is a two-way street. If you’re open to providing feedback, the applicant might also be willing to give feedback on their experience of the recruitment process and assessment activities. Receive this feedback with open arms, because it could help with tweaking the finer details of your own recruitment process and improve for future recruitment projects. You also might need it for yourself one day when interviewing for your next role!

Tips to Providing Interview Feedback

There are a lot of employers who say they lack the time to provide detailed feedback to a job applicant, however, it does not have to be a burdensome task, nor does it have to take up much of your time. Likewise, if you are working with a Recruitment Agency, a quick phone call to your Recruiter can easily be translated into constructive interview feedback to the candidate on your behalf. Here are a few of our tips:

  • It starts with good interview notes

It’s good practice to write up your notes straight after an interview and circulate to everyone involved in the hiring process, which can then easily be repurposed for interviewee feedback. It also means there is always something to refer back to!

  • Ensure feedback is well-timed

The sooner candidates know where they stand, the sooner they can move on to a new job search. You may also struggle to provide effective feedback if you’ve left it too late.

  • Be honest yet constructive

When discussing interview performance and skills that can be worked on, be as constructive as possible. After all, it shouldn’t be a soul crushing exercise, but still needs to help them improve for future interviews.

  • Keep it short

It doesn’t need to be a lengthy conversation. Come up with a quick list of points to discuss, after which leave it open for candidates to ask questions.

In Summary

Providing candidates with interview feedback may not always be the easiest of tasks to undertake, but its importance cannot be overstated. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone though – partnering with a specialist recruitment agency means that they’ll take most of this burden off your hands. For more interview advice or support in recruiting Tech or Accounting & Finance talent for your organisation, get in touch with the team at SustainAbility.