Moving to Australia as a Recruiter

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At SustainAbility Consulting we have a team of Recruiters from all around the world, including the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Malaysia just to name a few, as well as several Australian recruiters who have moved back home from working overseas. We are passionate about developing recruitment careers and offer an environment that supports the transition into the Aussie recruitment market seamlessly. Below, I’ve outlined everything we’ve learnt along the way, and for those of you who are new to Australia, our top reasons to consider relocating.

Recruiting in Australia

Whether you are a returning Aussie or a newbie to the country, one of the biggest draws is the Australian weather and lifestyle – that means plenty of sun and big cosmopolitan cities, but still a great work-life balance.

Being able to take a morning dip in the ocean and then stroll into work for nine months of the year is the reality for many people living in Sydney. It’s also the perfect city to base yourself for further overseas travel – for example, New Zealand, Bali, Fiji, French Polynesia and Thailand are just hours away. In addition, at SustainAbility, we offer four weeks of annual leave, giving you plenty of time to explore.

SustainAbility - Keirin OHara Moving to Australia as a Recruiter_Blog Content 1Another big plus for Australia is the current recruitment market and economy. Australia is stable and buoyant, less driven by competition and more by relationships with clients and candidates. Because of the market’s strength, the median salary is also competitive – as an example, on a TSS visa (the most common visa type for recruitment), recruiters have to be paid a minimum of $80,000 (45,000 GBP) with commission on top.

Lastly, the SustainAbility team ourselves have a great track record of success when it comes to helping UK recruiters transition into the market, and quickly hit their strides. This is because over half of our team are originally from the UK, so we have been through the same experience and know-how to navigate the various market differences. This is to such an extent that most of the recruiters we’ve hired direct from the UK are some of our highest-performing consultants. They have all hit the ground running and have no problem building relationships and establishing themselves in the market (plenty of our clients and candidates are poms themselves!).

Key Considerations to Think About Before Relocating

Your Visa

Do you qualify for a visa? It’s a simple question that requires due thought and planning, but in the majority of cases, there are workable solutions. However, initially, it would be a good idea to start thinking about whether you and anyone else you may be travelling with meet the fundamental visa requirements. For example, if you have five years’ recruitment experience OR two years’ experience with a degree, you can qualify for a four-year business visa (TSS). A great initial source is the Australian Immigration site.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia is often publicised as being high, which is true. However, the great news is that Sydney is similar to London, and whilst that might seem expensive, as I’ve mentioned, the salaries are significantly higher in Australia!


Australian Healthcare is generally great. Most visa-holders qualify for Medicare, which means you will have access to the same healthcare as other Australians – much of which is paid for through a Medicare levy that comes straight out of your paycheque. However, like in the UK, you might want to also consider private health insurance for additional peace of mind.

The Benefits of Relocating with SustainAbility

As you can probably tell, we love UK recruiters at SustainAbility! To support you through the relocation, we have a range of initiatives and support structures in place to make the whole process seamless from start to finish.

  1. We start the process via phone and skype interviews, and finish with a face-to-face interview in SYDNEY! We will pay for your return flights to come over and get to know us before accepting the role.
  2. We manage and pay the VISA process and application for you (worth $10k upfront). We partner with a trusted immigration agency to get visas fast-tracked, usually being approved within 4-6 weeks.
  3. Once you’ve arrived, enjoy your first week of accommodation in a serviced apartment on us!

We offer this package because we are passionate about hiring the right people for us, and meeting the team, assessing culture and your “gut feel” is really important.  We are also looking to hire the future leaders in our team and we promote from within, so if you have aspirations to become Divisional Managers and Team Leaders, we can offer that career path.

Choosing SustainAbility

SustainAbility is privately-owned, with a solid reputation in the market that has been cultivated over more than a decade of delivering excellent service. From working with start-ups to multinationals, our success has always been built on our core philosophy, ‘taking the long-term view’, which is one of the key reasons our consultants thrive.


There are so many great reasons to join our team here in Sydney:

  • Industry-leading incentives (this year, the whole team are off to Hamilton Island for our year-end celebrations)
  • One of the most lucrative commission schemes in the Australian market, paying up to 50% and uncapped
  • Our hands-on Directors are always available for mentoring and support and lead from the front
  • There are plenty of other everyday benefits such as a chilled out and casual working environment, flexibility, autonomy and, most importantly, we have fun! (take a look at our Work for Us page for all the details)


As 2020 approaches, now is the time to consider the big move. If you’re thinking about relocating to Australia but would like to talk to an actual person about what this entails, get in touch with me – Keirin O’ Hara at, connect with me on LinkedIn or give me a call/text on +61 0407 411 536.