The rise of Azure!

Azure v AWS – what used to be a Goliath vs (a weak) Goliath story, is now a real Goliath V Goliath story! I’ve just come back from yet another client meeting where the discussion was (largely) focused around the rise of Azure in the cloud computing space and everyone seems to be seeing it.


Historically, AWS has killed Azure on a number of fronts including the jump on the market, technical capability, marketing and the support / services offered by Amazon themselves. Microsoft, however, has come back with a vengeance and are doing a good job at growing their market share.


Main reasons I think this is happening:

1. Their product can actually compete on a technology front…now – although some will argue that AWS still dominates Azure in terms of capability, large Microsoft sites no longer need to make the jump to AWS just to get the benefits of the Cloud. Azure is now very capable and improving at an exponential rate.

2. Microsoft have now embraced Open Source – Satya Nadella has come in and made monumental changes, one of which is embracing the Open Source community. I think this shows more than just the fact you can use Open Source products on Azure, but more so the mindset change of Microsoft themselves and the willingness to be a backbone, instead of own everything.

3. They’re going about it the right way, mostly – I still hear the odd horror story, but Microsoft are now going about acquiring/migrating people to Azure the right way. Instead of a ‘bulldog’ approach (happy to elaborate if you want me to), it’s now a more helpful approach where they’re supporting them along the journey.

4. Some big companies are making the jump and giving others the confidence to do so – Woolworths are probably one of the biggest, most notable organisations in Australia who have made the jump to Azure. I know of other massive ones, but don’t know if/when it can be made public 🙂


I for one think it’s great, and can’t wait to see where Google fit into all of this. They’ve made a huge mark with Google Apps, so will be watching with bated breath!


Written by our DevOps & Cloud Consultant, Riley Smith